Kids Are Drooling Over These Cool Stocking Stuffers This Year

Kids are hard to handle but they are the ones who could easily impressed and the trick is to get their favorite candy or toy. To get some time for yourselves bring this drool worthy stocking stuffers for your kids this Christmas. Here is a list of cool stuffing stuffers that kids were drooling over from a long time ago. While you look for the perfect gift for your child make sure its screen free. Never allow your child to spend time on gadgets and devices because this will stop them from exploring the new things. Let them play this classic Tic Tack Toe, this come in a jute bag with colorful marbles. Turn those tiny feet in to Mexican food with this adorable Taco Booties, these are totally adorable and funny to see your toddlers walking in those Taco boots. Wind up star war toys is so cool and they will perfectly fit the stockings.

Iphone or phone charger stickers are so cool to identify the similar looking chargers especially after the sleepovers. This will make the chargers look super cute and funky. They come in a set so you can give one to everyone in the house. This chalky Chalk is mess free and so useful for the new learners who have just started to write. They look so cute and easier to hold. Ghost of Rockville is the next Harry Potter series your kids would love to read so this Christmas give them a reason to stick on to that reading habit. The Pinball games were so popular and we have all played them even on our phones. So this Space Race Pinball is so perfect to keep your kids busy during long car rides. The little girls are so found of fingernail zoo stickers’ decals and why not they look so pretty on the little fingers. Make the shower time even more fun with this Sophie Bath Buddy only if they love the original Sophie, if not then there are other various characters that they will love to see in their bath tub. Comic Strip Bandages are another fun item to fill your kids stocking with. We know the scrapes and scratches are no fun but a superhero bandage will make it less painful and make the child comfortable to put on the bandage on. Kids love bath bombs and it more fun for them to make their own bath bombs, they will sure love to make this bath bombs after all its not rocket science. This bath bomb kits are so easy to play with and we are sure they will come out with something new and creative. The karaoke Microphones are so much fun and we are sure to see some hidden talent out from the kids. These Microphones are perfect for the holidays and they will keep the kids busy. Well this were some ideas to find some fun gifts for your kids.

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