The cause and treatment of erectile dysfunction

When do you need to visit an erectile dysfunction clinic in Palm Beach Island? It points to the fact that you are not able to maintain your erection for a long time. It does tend to have an impact on 18 to 30 million people worldwide. It does have a considerable impact on the quality of life. The worst part is that people are not willing to talk about it in the open as well. Because of this precise reason we need to address this issue properly.

For most of the people, a visit to a dysfunction clinic means something else. It does point to the fact that a mental problem happens to be there. But this hardly happens to be the case. Though there are physical factors into play, you cannot ignore the exact physical cause of the same. Let us now explore some of the physical conditions related to ED

Vascular diseases

You need to take note of the fact that increase in blood flow happens to be the reason for this disorder. Any form of vascular diseases that impact the flow of blood to the penis would make it difficult for you to get an erection. This would mean an increase in the levels of blood pressure or cholesterol.


Men who suffer from ED at some point in time to experience this disorder. The reason being that they do not have control over their blood sugar. This does cause a lot of damage to the nerves along with the blood vessels at the same time.


erectile dysfunction

There are some lifestyle disorders that do increase the chance of ED. It would mean an increase in the use of tobacco or drug. It would do with the supply of the veins as well.


If you are an old person who happen to be above the age of 50 you will have erection problems. This does occur when you have enlargement of the prostate. It would mean that you are suffering from prostate cancer as well. All these conditions are going to need surgery. During the surgery, the nerves that supply penis could be in for damage as well.


There are some medicines on the market which might go on to cause ED. It would mean some form of medicines to control high blood pressure or antidepressant. High blood pressure or diabetes is some of the causes of ED. When you employ drugs to deal with the issue it goes on to add up to the problem as well.  For this reason, it would be important if you are going to consume any form of medications. Do discuss with your doctor the type of medications you are going to consume as well.

In terms of treatment, there are certain activities which can stimulate the sexual function. You would need to have a proper exercise with weight control methods. Do keep away from unhealthy food at this point in time as well.




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